Our goal is to provide to you superior care.  If at any time we feel as though our treatment is not sufficient for your condition, we will then refer you to the appropriate source.  We hope your experience is educational as well.  We will strive to teach you about Chiropractic, your specific condition, home management and prevention.  Our goal is to provide you with relief, correct your problem to prevent recurrent flare-ups, and maintain the correction.

Your cooperation is absolutely essential for a successful outcome.  Most conditions take TIME to develop and will take TIME to correct.  In order for outcomes to be successful, we ask that you comply with the best of your ability to our recommendations for appointments, diet & nutrition, exercise and home care.  Please understand that we are correcting an underlying cause, not just treating a symptom.  In almost every instance, the underlying cause of a condition develops long before the symptoms appear.  While we expect everyone to improve symptomatically, in some instances your symptoms may worsen initially as the healing process begins.  Our technology allows us to confidently monitor your response and correct your condition to its ideal level.  Every patient is unique and has a different correction point.  We invite questions and/or concerns along the way.  We want your experience at our clinic to be as pleasant as possible, and for you to be comfortable with the entire process.

Additional points of interest

Information is powerful and gives you knowledge.  We are here to EDUCATE you- Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Our success in resolving your condition may rely heavily in your understanding and your expectations.  Occasionally, a patient may have unreasonable expectations in spite of the expectation of the doctor.  This usually results in frustration, and often times treatment is discontinued prematurely, and sadly the patient fails to benefit from our treatment.  We are always happy to discuss treatment status or even options for adjunct treatment when indicated.

**Our office runs primarily on an appointment schedule.  We ask that you allow 30-40 minutes per office visit.  We will accommodate early and late arrivals as our schedule permits.  If you have a time constraint, please inform one of our staff members upon arrival and we will be happy to accommodate you as best as we can. **

Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us, we look forward to giving you better quality of life.  We hope your experience at our clinic is a great one, and that you will recommend others as well.


The stages of treatment are general stages.  The time frames may vary depending on the factors listed below.  Children can be treated at any age and usually require much less treatment than adults.

We will make recommendations at various stages to expedite your treatment process.

Our goal is to get you well as fast as possible and to keep you well.

  1. Pain Relief

Usually 2-4 weeks (extreme cases may be 4-6 weeks)

  1. Stabilization

Usually 4-6 weeks from initial visit (extreme cases may be 8-12 weeks)

  1. Re-Evaluation

Usually 4-6 weeks from initial visit

Prognosis will be given at this point.  Treatment schedule may be modified

  1. Correction

Time frame based on clinical response following re-evaluation

  1. Wellness Visits

Maintenance and Prevention—recommendations will be made depending on the individual needs of each patient

The Following Factors May Prolong Treatment:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents and/or other traumas
  2. Length of time underlying cause of the problem has been present
  3. Smoking
  4. Age
  5. Arthritis
  6. Poor dietary habits
  7. Lack of exercise OR harmful exercise
  8. Re-injuries
  9. Poor spinal habits
  10. Various medications
  11. Non-compliance of the patient keeping recommended appointments

Office Hours

MONDAY 6:30am 5:00pm
TUESDAY 6:30am 1:00pm
WEDNESDAY 6:30am 5:00pm
THURSDAY 7:00am 5:30pm
FRIDAY 6:30am 1:00pm
SATURDAY 8:30am 12:30pm